Quality commisioning for HVAC systems

Quality commisioning for HVAC systems


AirGroup performs commissioning (quality testing) and adjustment of HVAC systems. We have experience with everything from office landscapes to cruise ships. We primarily operate in Denmark, but also have extensive experience abroad.


Our goal is to deliver a product with a high level of quality, where everything from balancing to the final report is in accordance with our standards.


At AirGroup, we prioritize fostering good collaboration with our customers, so that together, we can ensure the delivery of a product that satisfies everyone. Furthermore, we prioritize safety at the construction site and believe in accommodating differences.

What is ventilation and why does it need to be regulated?

A good indoor climate is essentiel

Today, there are significant demands placed on indoor climate, and consequently on ventilation as well. Ventilation is the system that helps to replace air and thereby create a good indoor climate in buildings. In practice, this occurs through a fan that, via duct systems, extract stale air and deliver fresh air. This typically involves various components such as diffusers, baffles, grilles, hoods, etc. The adjustment process involves balancing air volumes in accordance with the calculations made by engineers, as well as the requirements specified by the client. The adjustment process ensures that all rooms, spaces, toilets, hoods, etc., have the correct air exchange. This contributes to a better indoor climate by avoiding under- or overpressure, moisture, noise, drafts, and other problems that can arise from poorly adjusted ventilation systems.

Quality Testing

Additionally, the adjustment process serves as a quality test of the system, as it is through this process that all possible errors, which may have occurred from planning to installation of the duct system, are identified and rectified (corrected).

Energy Requirements

Today, there are significant energy requirements for new constructions, which in turn places high demands on ventilation. It is extremely important here to maintain an approved or low SEL value (specific energy consumption for air transport). This can only be achieved through quality in adjustment, ensuring that ventilation systems do not consume more energy than strictly necessary.


What does AirGroup ApS offer

AirGroup offers all types of technical measurements in connection with commissioning and adjustment, as well as tests of ventilation systems of all kinds. This is carried out using modern calibrated instruments by experienced and well-trained technicians. 

AirGroup provides documentation regarding adjustment and commissioning of ventilation systems in both Danish and English. We are experts in creating documentation – from start to finish – for everything from cruise ships to large office buildings.

We have experience being part of, and actively participating in, the entire commissioning process from reviewing the project to the final tests. We can handle large and challenging schedules as well as tight deadlines. We have the right people for all parts of the process such as technicians, supervisors, managers, and administrative staff.

We have practical experience working in an international environment and are capable of handling the logistical challenges this entails including transportation, accommodation, etc.

We always stay updated regarding product information from most ventilation component suppliers. We actively seek knowledge about new products and over the years have built a broad network among product suppliers, which gives us quick access to support regarding fault and defect rectification.

Moreover, AirGroup takes pride in acting proactively in troubleshooting to minimize waiting times and costs.



We can balance everything from laboratories to ships. We have experience with both small and large projects and can manage everything from reports to final products. Additionally, we are experts in troubleshooting and have developed an efficient method for balancing through extensive experience. Therefore, we can deliver a fast and well-developed result that we and our customers can stand behind.

Indoor climate

We can perform everything from sound, humidity, drag and CO2 measurements.


We have experience with autamatic fire ventilation and pressure measurements. Additionally, we can manage the reporting process ourselves if desired.

Pra spjæld

We support good causes

Since 2008, AirGroup has donated money to Danmarksindsamlingen, Buy Aid, Kræftens Bekæmpelse, Læger Uden Grænser, Danske Hospitalsklovne and other charitable causes.

In addition, we are the proud sponsors of FC Hornsherred and the Kung-Fu club Shaolinkungfu.dk.