HVAC Commissioning Worldwide.

AirGroup Aps was founded in 2008 by Dikla Carmi Hauptmann and Henrik Hauptmann. The company is based on their intention to create a company with the ability to manage HVAC Commissioning worldwide with a very high standard in performance and documentation.

The foundation of the company was Dikla and Henrik’s common interest, experience and knowledge about balancing and commissioning of all kinds of ventilation systems.

During the years the product has been developed so that today we are able to perform large scale and advanced commissioning tasks, including all types of documented measurements, and to do this for land-based as well as marine and offshore systems worldwide.

Today AirGroup has built up a team of skilled technicians who are able to work independently and professionally at all levels.

Our client base has been continuously extended so that it now includes leading ventilation companies in Denmark buying balancing and commissioning by AirGroup. as well as foreign clients mainly in the cruise ship and offshore systems businesses.

Safety for our employees is of highest priority to AirGroup.

Our employees are certified in a variety of safety courses. Certificates have been granted from Germany, Finland and South Korea as well as large-scale building sites such as Skejby and Gødstrup Hospitals, NBB, UN CITY, CPH AIRPORT, Apple and similar. Some of our employees also have offshore courses from FALCK NUTEC and internet courses for offshore work. (Please

note that AirGroup currently has no employees with valid offshore courses, so booking for this kind of work has to be in good time)

All of AirGroups employees go through an internal introduction in basic balancing, measuring methods, functions of hardware and components in ventilation systems. In addition, we develop the skills of our technicians through courses by leading providers like Molio and Danvak.

Since 2008 AirGroup has supported charity initiatives incl. Danmarksindsamlingen, Buy Aid, Danish Cancer Society, and others. AirGroup has sponsored training suits for Football Club Hornsherred year 13 and 14.



Cruiseships and ferries


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